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Grammarian Ltd – Grammar Game Algorocks by Algorocks


Are you looking for a fun and engaging grammar-based game for kids? 🤔

Do you want English grammar games that are ad-free and focused on learning through engaging role-playing?

We are pleased to introduce Grammarian Ltd , an English grammar-learning simulation game. Have fun playing the fresh graduate in charge of grammar validation in one of the most fun grammar practice games of 2022. It is suitable for kids, teens, and young adults.

Grammarian Ltd – Grammar Game Algorocks by Algorocks
Grammarian Ltd – Grammar Game Algorocks by Algorocks

 It really helps out refrashing lessons I've learned in the past. I kinda wished there'd be an endless mode after I beat the game where I can just do all the reviews from all past lessons over and over instead of actually having to start over the game? The story is pretty interesting too. I wish there's more to it. Great job

This is a very good game! I never expected that I can get immersed with educational game. The narrative and story is pretty awesome and it also has an interesting game flow. I can even picked whether I can be a male or female. I highly recommend you to buy this game.

 Best app to learn grammar! It's fun to olay and also the lessons are easy to follow. I feel so happy that I found this app, I hope this app can help me fix my grammar. If only I can give 10 stars.



🔡 Welcome to the year 2099, when all communication must use correct grammar. Anyone who uses incorrect grammar will accumulate bad credits, which will lead to being fired, denied public service, or even jailed.

You will play as a fresh graduate of theoretical mathematics who previously listed grammar as the fiftieth(ish) priority to learn (just after lighting a fire with only your teeth). However, because of some mix-up, you are now working as a grammar validator in the biggest grammar validation agency.

Use your grammar and management skills in this English grammar game to work your way up the ladder from “Junior Passable Intern” to “Editor Extraordinaire.” Upgrade your smelly apartment, buy candy, or ride a helicopter to the office. Everything is possible in Grammarian Ltd.


Our English grammar game tests your grammar knowledge by putting real grammar challenges in front of you. Start by reading and reviewing briefs, and then solve more than 1,000 grammar-related problems. Follow the story, dialogue, and challenges, demonstrate a great work ethic, and of course, prove your expert grammar knowledge.

For added fun, there are additional grammar challenges available, such as battles with colleagues for promotion. Have some grammar fun and literally become the grammar police! You can also purchase items for your apartment in this blend of role-play gaming and grammar learning.


As you learn and play this fun English game for kids and adults, it will simultaneously educate you with fun “Trivia of the Day” cards.


- Grammar learning through text-based simulation gaming

- Grammar exercise game for teens and young adults

- Suitable for kids aged 9-12

- Educational page with examples for every grammar problem

- 1,000+ grammar problems to solve

- Trivia of the day

- Simple tap controls

- Play offline

- Adjust document text size

- Control master, music, and SFX volume

- No ads

- Based on US English grammar

Now it’s time to learn with one of the best grammar learning games available.

✅Download, play, and learn with the Grammarian Ltd grammar game.



If you have any queries or feature suggestions related to our grammar educational game for kids, please send them to Until then, enjoy solving grammar practice challenges with Grammarian Ltd.


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